Brain / Cognitive Health
Brain and Cognitive health concerns from absentmindedness to cognitive and memory dysfunction have exploded as a major health issue for Americans, particularly baby boomers.

Many Americans are worried about memory loss as much as cancer. As these concerns have emerged in the consciousness of adult Americans, so has their demand for health and nutritional products designed to enhance brain and cognitive function. Some studies suggest that nearly 40% of consumers say they would use foods, beverages or supplements to help prevent memory impairment.

Along with diet and exercise there are good numbers of natural supplements that help support brain/cognitive health naturally:

Vitamin E has been shown to help boost brain activity. Low levels of Vitamin E, Tocopherols and Gamma- tocopherols have been associated with higher probability of suffering from memory and cognitive impairment.

Omega-3 oils have documented Neurological benefits and studies show that high intake of Omega-3s is tied to improve Absentmindedness and may help improve cognitive function.

PC-50 helps the brain to produce acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter, thus helping to improve normal cognitive function.

DHA Omega-3 has been known for its benefits associated with brain function helping to restore normal brain integrity.

% Boomers indicating their biggest disease fears about aging

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