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Maintaining energy and vitality is critical, especially as we age. Living a healthy lifestyle is an important part of feeling energetic and participating in sports and strenuous physical activity. Good general health – from a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight to getting plenty of restful sleep, and minimizing stress – is needed to maintain a good energy level for activity. When we make even moderate improvements in any of these areas, we typically enjoy the benefits of increased energy and well-being, especially as they relate to physical activity.

Along with diet and exercise a number of natural nutritional supplements can help support healthy energy levels:

Cellular energy comes from the mitochondria, a cellular organelle found in every cell of the body. Commonly known as the powerhouse of the cell the mitochondria convert all our bodies’ nutrition to ATP, our main energy fuel. Because it is responsible for 95 percent of the energy produced in the body, Coenzyme Q10 has obvious benefits. It enables cellular development and can help improve athletic performance, and is used by many athletes – from long-distance runners and cyclists to bodybuilders – to this end.

In men, Eurycoma longfolia is thought to boost energy levels through its actions on ATP. It is also thought to maintain optimal testosterone levels and therefore contribute to energy, vitality, and virility. French Maritime pine bark has been studied for its potential to help promote the everyday delivery of energy and oxygen to body cells and in prolonging the life of Vitamin C in the body.

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