Blood sugar (glucose) is very important for normal bodily function. Any serious fluctuations in the level of blood sugar can result in hazardous health. The blood sugar level is regulated by the bodies naturally released hormone called insulin. Abnormal blood sugar can be brought about by two states:

Insulin-Sensitivity. Patients with this state fail to secrete adequate insulin from the pancreas and require daily Insulin treatments. This state usually occurs in children and comprises 10% of total cases in the United States.

Insulin-Resistivity. More common, abnormal blood sugar levels usually occur in adulthood, usually after 45 related to this state. The development of this condition is as follows:

  • In these patients the Insulin is secreted but the body is partially or completely unable to use the insulin to transport blood sugar to the sites they are destined for.
  • In response, the body tries to overcome this resistance by secreting more and more insulin.
  • Ultimately people with Insulin-Resistance develop abnormal blood sugar levels when they do not continue to secrete enough insulin to cope with higher demands.

The cause of Abnormal blood sugar levels involves a combination of lifestyles (obesity, idle routine) and genetic factors. As many as 80% of those with Abnormal blood sugar levels are overweight and many can prevent the onset of this condition by maintaining a healthy weight and diet through exercise.

The occurrence of abnormal blood sugar levels in the United States according to the American Diabetes Association census of 2011:

  • 7 million undiagnosed cases.
  • 25.6 million (11.3%) of people above age 20.

The increase in fluctuating sugar levels has spurred strong interest in various natural nutritional supplements alongside proper diet, exercise and weight management.

Omega-3 fatty acids can help aid in maintaining healthy normal levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Plant sterols and sterol esters may help support optimum LDL cholesterol levels by blocking its absorption.

Green tea’s Insulin-enhancing activity may help provide more control over blood sugar in people whose insulin function may be impaired.

French Maritime pine bark extract has been shown to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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