SourceOne’s platform of science based health and wellness products and technologies provide solutions consumers are seeking.

Consumers want to be confident that the products they choose are based upon the newest health and nutrition innovations. They want smaller easy-to-swallow capsules and the ability to take fewer capsules while achieving higher levels of nutrient absorption.

SourceOne’s objective is to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. More educated consumers are seeking health and wellness through natural products. Improved bioavailability translates to more cost effective health benefits for these consumers.

We believe in the power of strong partnerships for building a successful brand.

Building brand awareness requires effective alliances and shared commitments between SourceOne, our brand manufacturing partners, and retailers. Protecting intellectual property with the necessary patents insures that the investment in  building the brand and consumer awareness of its health benefits is safe and secured.

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