Flavonoids are natural polyphenolic compounds found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. A subset of flavonoids known as polymethoxylated flavones ( PMF) have been shown to possess especially potent cardioprotective benefits.

Polymethoxylated flavones—flavonoid compounds derived from the peels of oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits—are highly methoxylated and contain biologically active molecules with unique metabolic properties.

Two of the most-researched polymethoxylated flavones are nobiletin and tangeretin.

Limonoids are powerful phytochemicals abundant in citrus fruit.
Eriocitrin (eriodictyol 7-O-β-rutinoside), a flavonoid glycoside, is the key flavonoid in lemon fruit (citrus limon). Eriocitrin is very elusive and is the most soluble of all flavonoids.

“Formalizing our exclusive partnership with Ingredients By Nature continues to allow SourceOne to offer superior citrus PMFs, limonoids, and eriocitrin with the reliability our customers have come to expect. Their technologically advanced extraction, processing, purification and testing processes result in the purest, highest quality, most bio-active citrus extracts available” – Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of SourceOne


“SourceOne has pioneered the commercial development globally of PMFs, and continues to lead in further enhancing the value of PMFs, limonoids and now eriocitrin in multiple formulations, broader applications and health conditions.” – Rob Brewster, President of Ingredients By Nature

Research regarding the health benefits of limonoids is exciting. They are extremely bio-active highly oxygenated phytochemical compounds. They are similar to citrus polymethoxylated flavones ( PMF) , support heart health naturally, and are synergistic in combination with them.
With over 80 years of analytical experience and expertise, Ingredients By Nature (which evolved from Syntech Corporation and Test Laboratories Inc. dba Brewster Foods) is a pioneer in citrus bioflavonoids and extracts. With a new showcase facility and on-site state-of-the-art laboratory, Ingredients By Nature ( IBN) continues to extend its lead as the premier supplier of citrus PMFs, limonoids and eriocitrin; a rapidly growing category with an ever-increasing list of health and wellness benefits attributed to these powerful natural citrus phytochemicals.

  • There are multiple sources of raw material from which PMF can be extracted, and selecting the right sources and raw materials are critically important. Like any natural raw material, the quality, concentration, flavone profile, etc. varies from year to year, region of the world, citrus variety and more. It is therefore essential to be able to control and/or compensate for these variations by having the requisite technical expertise and a variety of sources.
  • SourceOne, through our partnership with Ingredients by Nature ( IBN), began using the most sophisticated extraction methods currently available while concurrently expanding our sourcing base from a regional focus to being global in scope. Very significantly, as this global expansion has extended to both hemispheres, we are not limited to production in only one season each year.
  • Due to these established global partnerships, including over 80 years of technical expertise and experience with citrus bioflavonoids and contracts with the largest suppliers in the world, only SourceOne can guarantee the consistent supply and quality of these sophisticated ingredients.
  • Further development and analysis have shown that various sources of PMF deliver varying levels and combinations of individual PMF compounds. In addition, other potent bioflavonoids have already been identified and standardized in the current formula like the very powerful and elusive eriocitrin. Lastly, current research has opened the doors to fortifying with HO-PMFs in combination with citrus limonoids (that are not contained in the PMF specification or formula for the original product) to increase the potency and bioactivity of the formula.
  • Research regarding the health benefits of limonoids is exciting. They are extremely bio-active highly oxygenated phytochemical compounds. They are similar to citrus polymethoxylated flavones, support heart health naturally, and are synergistic in combination with them.
  • Highly concentrated extracts of limonoids have never been commercially viable because of cost and processing. Through our partnership with Ingredients by Nature, we not only have this capability to offer advanced concentrated flavonoid ingredients, but we are the exclusive worldwide source for the citrus limonoids that we can offer in our Cholesstrinol™ formulas.
Cholesstrinol™ Formulas:
Important Features Original Citrus PMF & Tocotrienol Formula Cholesstrinol HPe Significant Advantages
Patent Protection U.S. Patent 6,239,114;
U.S. Patent 6,251,400;
U.S. Patent 6,987,125
U.S. Patent 6,239,114;
U.S. Patent 6,251,400;
U.S. Patent 6,987,125;
U.S Patent 8,158,134;
U.S Serial No. 61\559,174
Broader & deeper patent protection
Supports total Healthy LDL & Cholesstrinol Yes Yes
Supports Healthy C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Levels No Studies Yes Improved 57%
Dosage 2 Capsules Per Day 1 Capsule Per Day
PMF-Source® Citrus Flavones 30% 65% 116%
PMF Nobiletin Standardized 12.4% 30% 142% concentration
PMF Tangeretin Standardized 14.2% 30% 111% higher concentration
Tocotrienol/ Tocopherol Complex 3.0% 6.0% 100% concentration
Eriocitrin None Standardized 2.5% 250% higher concentration

PMF-source® Citrus Flavonoids
Polymethoxylated flavones are an extremely potent class of citrus flavonoids that have been shown to have heart health benefits over twenty five years of documented research. Two of the key polymethoxylated flavones that are present and standardize at unprecedented levels in patented Cholesstrinol HPe are tangeretin and nobletin.

U.S Patent # 6,987,125
Researchers discovered that tangeretin helps to limit apolipoprotein-B production by suppressing diacylglycerol acyltransferase, the final enzyme in the pathway of triglyceride synthesis. Triglycerides play an important role in the formation of apolipoprotein B. By limiting production of triglycerides, tangeretin effectively restricts production of apolipoprotein B.

Our Exclusive partnership with Ingredients By Nature allows SourceOne to deliver the highest-quality family of citrus derivatives, many patent protected, in technologically advanced delivery systems.

For years it was clear our PMFs were key citrus extracts delivering a wide range of health benefits, but now with Eriocitrin, Eriodictyol, Naringenin, Hesperitin and Naringin, we have even greater benefits to offer from the Cholesstrinol family of condition specific formulas.

Clinically proven patented technology delivers “Body Ready” natural ingredients Human Study Demonstrates Superior Absorption & Bioavailability Of SourceOne PMF-Source® in VESIsorb® Delivery System

The bioavailability pilot study (single oral dose, double-blind, and crossover design) showed that both Nobiletin and Tangeretin in the standard PMF powder and VESIsorb® formulation were absorbed and extensively metabolized. The PMF absorption of the VESIsorb® formulation was significantly improved and faster (Tmax) compared to the standard PMF powder. Peak plasma levels (Cmax) of Nobiletin, Tangeretin and their metabolites were increased up to 800%.

Developed by Vesifact, VESIsorb® is protected worldwide by multiple U.S. and international granted and pending patents. Marc Weder, co-founder and CEO of Vesifact, commented, “These studies highlight the many advantages that this delivery system represents. We have been able to broaden the applications for certain bio-active ingredients like CoQ10, QH Ubiquinol, Omega-3, citrus PMF, and palm tocotrienols from virgin red palm oil in functional foods, drink mixes and beverages. We have succeeded in this area by addressing issues such as water solubility, oxidative stability, shelf-life and uniformity of dispersion in the delivery medium.”

Weder added, “As it is widely accepted in the scientific and medical community that citrus PMFs are notoriously poorly absorbed in the body, our team of scientists viewed this new H2O-soluble PMF as a particularly intriguing challenge. This new PMF utilizing the VESIsorb® delivery system is ready for market and for formulating with other science-based heart-healthy ingredients like Omega-3, CoQ10, Virgin Red Palm Oil Tocotrienol, Resveratrol and more.”

Flavonoids are an important group of polyphenols found in foods. The flavonoids include flavanones, flavones, flavonols and other subclasses. Flavonoids in these groups with demonstrated biological activity are popularly referred to as bioflavonoids. The chemical structure of the flavonoids is based on a 15 carbon system of three aromatic rings. Found mainly in: abundant in the genus citrus
PolyMethoxylatedFlavones (PMFs) Flavones usually occur in a glycosylated form (sugars attached to the parent “aglycone”) and may contain up to three methoxyl substituents in the ring system. Flavones also occur in citrus as aglycone; without the sugar attachments and the aglycones may contain up to 7 methoxyl substituents. The term PMF is usually applied to flavones aglycones having 4 or more methoxyl substituents. Flavone Aglycone Nobiletin, Tangeretin, Sinensetin, Isosinensetin,TOMSC Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis, Bitter Orange Citrus aurantium,Tangerine Citrus reticulata
HO-PolyMethoxylatedFlavones (HO- PMFs) HO-PMFs are PMFs in which one or more of the methoxyl substituents have been replaced by a hydroxyl group. HO-PMFs are also referred to as demethylated PMFs and occur naturally in citrus fruit. Some HO-PMFs may be produced via biotransformation or other synthetic pathways from PMFs. Certain monodemethylated PMFs have shown exceptional bioactivity. Flavone Aglycone 5-demthylnobiletin,5 demethyltangeretin,



Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis, Bitter Orange Citrus aurantium,Tangerine Citrus reticulata
Eriocitrin The flavonoid, Eriocitrin, is a flavanone glycoside. It is found at higher levels in lemon than in all other species of citrus. The principal citrus flavanones are invariably combined with various sugars, especially disaccharides. Flavanone Glycoside N/A Lemon Citrus limon
EriodictyolAglycone Cleavage of the rutinose sugar attachment from eriocitrin produces the aglycone, eriodictyol. Eriodictyol also occurs naturally in several plants. Flavanone Aglycone N/A Lemon Citrus limon
Naringenin Cleavage of the sugar attachment from either naringin or narirutin, another flavanone glycoside important in citrus, produces the aglycone, naringenin. Naringenin and other flavanone aglycones occur in citrus in trace amounts only. The body converts Naringin and Narirutin into Naringenin. Flavanone Aglycone N/A Grapefruit Citrus paradisi, Sweet Orange Citrus Citrussinensis
Limonoids Limonoids are oxygenated triterpene derivatives abundant in citrus fruits. Limonin is the predominant limonoid in all major citrus species and is the bitter principle found in the navel orange. Limonoids are found throughout citrus fruit tissues but are especially concentrated in the seeds. Limonoids also occur in citrus as non-bitter glycosides. Citrus Extract jor Limonoids:Limonin, Nomilin Citrus Fruits
Other Bioflavonoids: Diosmin, Naringin, Hesperidin, Hesperitin, Neohesperidin

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