GymnePURE® is the most safe, biologically active and effective Gymnema Sylvestre extract product ever developed.

GymnePURE® is a patented Gymnema Sylvestre extract that has many therapeutic benefits including, balancing healthy blood sugar levels, optimally maintaining healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels and promoting healthy weight loss.

GymnePURE® is a unique and innovative multi-patented extract of natural Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf using a scientifically supported extraction process, OSA™.

GymnePure® provides nutritional support for healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels, insulin production and glucose absorption through a broader spectrum of Mechanisms of Action (MOAs) compared to other natural ingredients focused on healthy blood sugar support.


  • Helps support blood sugar levels already within the normal range.
  • May help reduce sugar cravings.
  • Helps stabilize healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Supports healthy weight management.
  • Supports metabolic balance.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.

In addition to blood sugar modulation and supporting healthy Hb1AC and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels… GymnePURE® contributes to healthy weight management.

  1. GymnePURE® has been shown to help reduce the leptin to adiponectin ratio which are enzymes involved in fat regulation. Leptin signals the hypothalamus which produces a feeling of satiety. Moreover, leptin signals make it easier for people to resist the temptation of foods high in calories. The balance of these two hormones is important in appetite and fat regulation which favors healthy weight management.
  2. Gymnemic acids blocks sugar absorption in the gut that contributes to less absorption of these sugars by our body and increases glucose utilization by acting on enzymes involved in glucose and lipid metabolism like phosphorylase, gluconeogenic enzymes and sorbitol dehydrogenase.
  3. GymnePURE® helps reduce sugar cravings. It creates a “sweet shield” in the mouth so that the person consuming it is psychologically comfortable to not eat foods high in sugar and sweet content.
  4. GymnePURE® supports healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels naturally . Fat digestibility significantly decreases and the excretion of neutral sterols and acid steroids into faces is increased with the nutritional support GymnePURE® supplementation delivers. It also promoted weight loss through the ability to reduce hyperlipidemia with no withdrawal rebound: an important feature.

GymnePURE delays the glucose absorption in the blood, releases insulin by stimulation of the pathways inside the cells in a self-modulating manner and acts on certain enzymes to support healthy lipid profiles.

Scientific studies provide compelling evidence that GymnePure® provides nutritional support for the bodie’s natural ability to improve HBa1c by 22% and CRP levels by 22% and 29% respectively (diabetic screening test markers) more than standard gymnema sylvestre extracts.

KEY Bio-Markers Pre Trial Levels Before Supplementation Post Trial Levels After
GymnePURE® Supplementation
% Improvement % Range Improvement Healthy Target
Serum HbA1c (%)
Glucose Indicator
7.65 6.1 22.1% 15-30% <5% (4.2-6.7)
Serum CRP (mg/dl)
Inflammation Marker
0.86 0.53 29% 15-44% <0.6 mg/dl

Scientific studies demonstrate that GymnePURE® is more effective at lower doses (less is needed) and much safer than standard gymnema extracts.


Cellular research at King’s College London supports that GymnePure® is more active and possesses higher bioavailability. The results were that GymnePure® stimulated a 7-8-fold increase in insulin secretion at ≥0.25mg/ml dose when compared with standard Gymnema Sylvestre products.

GymnePURE® 8X vs competitors on insulin secretion at 0.25 mg/ml

Self-modulation of insulin production from the pancreatic beta cells via the protein kinases which means that along with increased insulin release the secretory action is controlled in a balanced amount naturally regulating insulin levels according to dose.

Mechanisim of action

  1. The Mechanism of action (MOA) of GymnePURE® is different from standard Gymnema sylvestre products. GymnePURE® opens and closes the pancreatic beta cell signaling pathways releasing insulin as needed. ( self-modulating ) according to studies at Kings College in London* is a much safer MOA than standard Gymnema Sylvestre extracts which damage pancreatic beta cell walls by breaking down the cell walls thus a ” flooding release of insulin” and causing subsequent exhaustion of cell wall.
  2. The second and third MOA of patented GymnePURE® is the signaling pathways in the presence of Ca and even without the presence of Ca.
  3. These three MOAs have been scientifically studied in both animal (live) and human (cadaver) cells at Kings College of London.

ASTONISHING FACT: The US government statistics indicate that nearly 80 million adults over the age of 20 suffer from blood sugar levels that are higher than the normal range.

Clinically tested, safe and effective

GymnePURE® is effective as a secretagogue at both substimulatory and maximal stimulatory glucose concentrations.

Even low concentrations of GymnePURE® stimulate insulin secretion.

This safety benefit is clinically proven by the Kings College study undergone by experts in the field of endocrine and metabolic disorders and reported by a scientific journal, Phytotherapy Research (May 17, 2010), confirming that OSA™ technology supports healthy blood sugar with minimum compromise on beta cell viability compared to standard Gymnema Sylvestre products.

GymnePURE® 8X vs competitors on effect of compromised ß-cell function

GymnePURE is Patent Protected

No other Gymnema Sylvestre can match “composition of matter” of OSA™ Technology extracted GymnePURE®… So Novel and Innovative it is patent protected. Patents include:

  • US Patent #6,949,261: Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis
  • US Patent #6,946,151: Therapeutic compositions

GymnePURE® is the only Gymnema Sylvestre product that tests every production batch for BOTH safe and effective use!

Our specification listed on every “certificate of analysis” (C of A) includes:

A) Insulin release.

B) Pancreatic Beta cell signaling for safe and effective use.

Cytotoxicity-Glucose Induced

<55% @125 µg/ml

Target: Hamster, Quantitation

Insulin Release-Glucose Induced >140% @125 ug/ml Target: Hamster, Quantitation
Spectrophotometric quantitation of glucose-induced insulin

Formulate products with confidence knowing that with GymnePURE® fewer capsules are needed to achieve the desired health benefits compared to standard Gymnema Sylvestre products improving compliance and optimizing therapeutic benefits.

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