Phytocannabinoids and the body’s Endocannabinoid system: the ultimate key to health and wellness?

Today, there are over 80 phytocannabinoids that have been identified with many having significant therapeutic value in a wide range of health conditions. News coverage has exploded along with a laser focus in the scientific and medical community on the extraordinary health benefits delivered by medical marijuana and phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil.

Much of the focus has been on Cannabidiol (CBD) but it is clear a multi-spectrum or “entourage of cannabinoids” provides unmatched benefits and advantages.

Responding to the rapidly growing demand for more highly concentrated purified Hemp Oils, SourceOne, through our global partnerships and technology exchange, is supremely positioned and proud to offer superior phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil.

We can provide the product formulation you need to meet the application requirement you desire.


Water Soluble Powder:

Our patented powder system technology delivers lipid based HempChoice® PCR in a water soluble powder suitable for drink mixes and hard shell capsules.

Topical Lotion Formulations:

Custom formulations of HempChoice® PCR alone or in combination with other science-backed ingredients can be designed for optimal effectiveness with our patented topical delivery system technology.

Sprays & Tinctures:

Proprietary spray systems and tinctures utilizing the patented VESIsorb® delivery system transforms thick dark hemp oil into water soluble “ Body Ready” liquid ideal for these convenient and effective applications.

Functional Drinks & Beverages:

Multiple patent-protected liquid systems provide unmatched possibilities to design a great-tasting HempChoice® PCR formulation optimized for absorption, stability, and bioavailability.

SoftGels & Liquid Filled Capsules:

Elegance, functionality and unmatched performance is what best characterizes the HempChoice® PCR line of VESIsorb® formulations. A clean label advanced colloidal droplet delivery system solution.

SourceOne is able to deliver a broad range of applications for HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil to increase absorption and bioavailability from patented water soluble powder technology and patented topical delivery systems to patented functional beverage solutions and patented solid dosage forms.

SourceOne is exclusively launching HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil ingredients and formulations worldwide. We have carefully considered elements important to our customers, technology partners, and ultimately the consumer seeking the many benefits that phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil provides. We are proud to introduce our patent protected line of HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil products and formulations.

– Jesse Lopez, Founder & CEO, SourceOne Global Partners

HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil Advantages
PCR Hemp Oil
Other Hemp Oil
Superior Free Flowing PCR Hemp Oil
Vertically Integrated From Seed To Consumer
Full Traceability From Seed To Consumer
Non GMO Hemp Cultivars
Proprietary SMB Liquid Chromatography: “Solvent Free Technology”
Proprietary SMB Liquid Chromatography: “Low-to-No THC”
Patented Swiss Delivery System Technology For Optimal Oral Absorption & Bioavailability
Patented Swiss Delivery System Technology For Optimal Topical Absorption & Bioavailability
Patented & Patent Pending Water Soluble Powders, Sprays, Functional Drinks & Beverages

Supporting A Healthy Body With Phytocannabinoids

While humans have used hemp for food and other uses for centuries, medical scientists now recognize that compounds found in the hemp plant (phytocannabinoids) help maintain health. Through the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the body, the explanation of how phytocannabinoids help to maintain balance & homeostasis is most profound!

Our endocannabinoid system has a network of receptors including CB1 (primarily in the brain) and CB2 (primarily in the immune system and peripheral tissues) that respond to the body’s own cannabinoids. Yes, the body naturally produces cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system act in many ways to maintain a healthy body including regulating normal motor function, pain and inflammatory responses, memory, immune response, digestion, bone growth, and also to help protect skin and brain cells.

Feeding The Endocannabinoid System

Because of its regulatory role in the body, the endocannabinoid system plays an adaptogenic role to help keep the body in homeostasis and balance. Among other things, stress, aging, and poor diet can imbalance your endocannabinoids.

Addressing this imbalance is a priority; one of the best ways to support healthy endocannabinoid balance is to feed your body with wholesome phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

We have strategically leveraged our global partner technology exchange resulting in unmatched patented delivery system technologies which broaden our applications while optimizing utilization in the body.

Hemp Oil in VESIsorb®: The Science

Studies show that the VESIsorb® patented delivery system provides significant improvements in absorption and bioavailability. VESIsorb® technology provides lymphatic absorption pathway advantages over standard gastrointestinal absorption. With VESIsorb® we take a very expensive, lipid-based, natural, hemp oil product with the full entourage of cannabinoids and deliver them in a water soluble form with no loss in bio-efficacy or absorption.

Unmatched Patented Application Technology

SourceOne is able to deliver a broad range of applications for HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil from patented water soluble powder technology and patented topical delivery systems to patented functional beverage solutions and patented solid dosage forms.

The patented VESIsorb® delivery system is a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system that has been clinically proven to increase absorption of nutritional supplements, food and beverage, and cosmetic ingredients. VESIsorb® technology represents a unique solution to improving the absorption and bioavailability of poorly water soluble natural ingredients and bio-actives.


VESIsorb® VEDD delivery system is a patented micelle technology that has been shown to improve the oral bioavailability of water insoluble compounds. VEDD is a natural water soluble Vitamin E Derivative Dimer technology that combined with HempCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil delivers water soluble hemp oil powders and softgel capsules.

Our commitment to the environment, food quality, the children, and all future generations to come.

“Delivering the best Science Nature has to offer!”

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