LeptiPURE™ is a patented synergistic combination of two powerful botanical extracts: patent protected GymnePURE® Gymnema sylvestre leaf and TinosPURETinospora cordifolia.

LeptiPURE™ utilizes OSA Technology. OSA™ is a patented extraction technology that captures the most potent and bio-active constituents of the plant to deliver superior health benefits compared to the standard botanical extract.

The OSA™ technology has been applied to both our patented LeptiPURE™ and GymnePURE® products yielding a patented isolate and has been tested in clinical studies to be more bioavailable, safer and effective.

LeptiPURE™ supports the healthy maintenance of metabolic markers including blood glucose, cytokine & free radical balance, and healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels; all while promoting healthy weight control and aiding in blood pressure modulation.

Key Benefits

  • Supports metabolic balance associated with healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.
  • Helps maintain healthy body weight through the endocrine system.
  • Provides nutritional support for healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and overall cardiovascular function.

Metabolic syndrome has been on the rise among the adult population of the United States; according to a 2013 study examining the rate of metabolic syndrome between 1999 and 2010, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which pointedly noted that insulin resistance is on the rise, along with a couple other factors contributing to metabolic syndrome, such as abdominal obesity.

LeptiPURE™ Improves the Ratio of Leptin-to-Adiponectin by 37%

Optimizing the ratio of Leptin (lower) and Adiponectin (higher)
promotes healthier weight loss.

The Leptin-to-Adiponectin ratio is directly related to healthy metabolic flexibility and supporting the body’s natural ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Mechanism of Action

  1. LeptiPURE™ works to lower the Leptin-to-Adiponectin ratio in the body. Leptin and Adiponectin are hormones involved in controlling hunger urges and fatty acid breakdown, respectively. Leptin acts on receptors in the hypothalamus to produce a feeling of satiety. By optimizing these hormone levels (reducing leptin and increasing adiponectin), LeptiPURE™ promotes healthy weight loss and improved blood lipid levels.
  2. LeptiPURE™ blocks sugar absorption in the gut thereby contributing to less absorption of these sugars in the body. LeptiPURE™ increases glucose utilization by acting on enzymes involved in glucose and lipid metabolism such as phosphorylase, gluconeogenic enzymes, and sorbitol dehydrogenase.
  3. LeptiPURE™ helps reduce sugar cravings. It creates a “sweet shield” in the mouth to psychologically block the desire for sugary substances.
  4. LeptiPURE™ supports healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels naturally. Fat digestibility significantly decreases and the excretion of neutral sterols and acid steroids into feces is increased with the nutritional support LeptiPURE
  5. LeptiPURE™ delays glucose absorption in the blood, and releases insulin by stimulation of the pathways inside the cells in a self-modulating manner.
  6. LeptiPURE™ acts on the protein kinase signaling pathways in the presence or absence of Calcium, a unique and novel attribute not associated with standard extracts.

The biomarkers of HbA1c, C-Peptide and CRP levels are related to glucose concentration in the blood and inflammation associated with heart health.

Clinical Bio-Markers Results
Leptin-to-Adiponectin Ratio -37.0%
Serum HbA1c (%) Glucose indicator -22.0%
C-Peptide Levels +48.0%
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) -29.0%

LeptiPURE™ Clinical Study Results

LeptiPURE™ is Patent Protected

LeptiPURE™ is protected by a portfolio of intellectual property (IP), including three patents and trademarked brand names. Patents worldwide include:

  • US Patent # 8,936,817 – Preparation for weight loss management.
  • US Patent #6,949,261 – Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis.
  • US Patent #6,946,151 – Therapeutic compositions.

Every production batch of LeptiPURE™ is tested for both safety and effective use!
Formulate products with confidence knowing that LeptiPURE™ combines an efficacious amount of GymnePURE® Gymnema sylvestre and TinosPURETinospora cordifolia into one unique supplement that uses patented extraction technologies to optimize therapeutic benefits.

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