This is the ULTIMATE HEART HEALTH FORMULA for superior absorption and bioavailability of BOTH the purest natural COENZYME Q10 and the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF OMEGA-3 EPA / DHA fish oils available without a prescription.

  • Clinical Studies show that the CoQ10 and Omega-3 in this patented formulation is “BODY READY” and absorbed 6-10 times better than other sources of CoQ10 and Omega-3 fish oil.

COQ10 And Omega 3 Absorption Comparison

VESIsorb® CoQSource® CoQ10 vs Competitors

CoQ10 Standard Softgel vs. VESIsorb® CoQ10
Standard CoQ10 without VESIsorb® CoQ10 with VESIsorb®
Oil drops sitting on the water Colloidal droplet formation
Formula does not go into solution 100% in solution
Separation of ingredients Completely homogenous colloidal solution
for optimal absorption!

A pharmacokinetic study (single oral dose, crossover) comparing VESIsorb® CoQsource® to the same standard Coenzyme Q10 in different formulation demonstrated an increase of absorption in peak blood levels. The relative bioavialiability of a single oral dose of 120mg of CoQ10 was asserted using the AUC. The results showed 622% higher bioavialiability than the oil-based formula and 499% higher bioavialiability than the solubilizate.

Pharmacokinetic Profile

Please click here for the full study.

CoQsource® VESIsorb® Coenzyme Q10
vs. Regular Coenzyme Q10 Capsules

VESIsorb® Omegachoice® concentrated EPA/DHA fish oil vs competitors

Comparison between Standard Omega-3 Non-VESIsorb vs. OmegaChoice® VESIsorb®
Standard Omega-3 without VESIsorb® OmegaChoice OmegaChoice® with VESIsorb®
Oil drops sitting on the water Colloidal droplet formation
Formula does not go into solution 100% in solution
Separation of ingredients Completely homogenous colloidal solution
for optimal absorption!

A pharmacokinetic study (single oral dose, crossover) comparing OmegaChoice® 90 Concentrated Omega-3 EPA to the same OmegaChoice® 90 concentrated Omega-3 EPA in the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated an increase of 567% in peak blood levels (cmax) of EPA. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve (AUC0-12h) was also increased by 487%.

VESIsorb® OmegaChoice® Capsules
vs. Regular Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

Imagine how many standard CoQ10 and Omega-3 fish oil capsules would have to be taken to achieve the same levels of Omega-3 and CoQ10 in the blood that one patented formulation delivers in a single capsule!

Comparison between standard Omega-3 without VESIsorb vs. OmegaChoice® VESIsorb®
VESIsorb® Capsule Non-VESIsorb capsule
Fish oil capsule 500mg 1000mg
EPA / DHA Omega-3 425mg (63% more) 260mg
Absorption 567% increase in blood levels Standard
Bioavailability 487% increase Standard
Number of capsules 5.67 × 425mg = 2.4grams of omega-3 equivalence in one capsule. 2400mg ÷ 260mg =
9.23 capsules deliver equivalent Omega-3 to VESISORB capsule.

There’s more;

  • Also in this same one capsule is 100mg of coenzyme Q10!
  • Not just any CoQ10…it is the same colloidal droplet that showed the highest peak absorption at that dose ever in a peer reviewed and published study.
  • Standard coenzyme Q10 capsules will have peak absorption of maybe 1-2.5% and we demonstrated 6-10 times better results.
  • It would take 6 – 10 capsules to deliver the same blood levels.

There’s more;

  • Only SourceOne with VESIsorb® technology can offer 1000mg capsule with 500mg fish oil (85% concentration 425mg Omega-3) along with 100mg coenzyme Q10.
  • GNC super CoQ10 is 1000mg capsule with 100mg Q10, Tishcon Q-Gel is 1000mg capsule with 100mg Q10, Best Formulations Q-best is 1200mg capsule with 100mg CoQ10 and Jarrow Formulas is 1000mg capsule with 100mg CoQ10.
  • None of the products mentioned above have anywhere near the same clinical results we have and most don’t even have a published study supporting their claims.

There’s more;

  • OmegaChoice® Plus CoQSource® CoQ10The most advanced Technology – The Supercritical CO2 extraction process is a far superior technology to molecular distillation. It allows us to produce and offer concentrated Omega 3′s concentrated beyond 700mg/g Total Omega 3. In this CoQ10 plus Omega-3 product we have formulated with a full 850mg per gram of super concentrated EPA/DHA Omega-3.
  • Custom Flexibility – The Supercritical CO2 extraction process essentially separates all of the individual components of the Omega-3 oil; allowing desired components to be compiled while removing unwanted fractions. It allows for ultimate flexibility in creating unique custom ratios few other suppliers in the marketplace offer. The technology also allows unique components of fish oil to be concentrated such that claims can be made for unique and efficacious components of fish oil most other suppliers simply ignore. These components include Palmitoleic Acid (Omega 7), Stearidonic Acid (SDA) and Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA).
  • Purer – Supercritical CO2 Extraction methods provide more control over what is and what isn’t in the oil. As all components of the fish oil are separated out, the Supercritical Co2 process allows for drilling down much lower on any potential contaminants compared to traditional molecular distillation.
  • Low Temperatures – Unlike Molecular Distillation, the low temperatures involved ensure that the molecular structure of all Omega-3′s is fully intact.
  • OmegaChoice® Plus CoQSource® CoQ10New Exciting/Better Story for Consumers: Focus Groups have shown that the Supercritical story resonates with consumers……they like how it sounds and quickly absorb the concept…
  • Superior Pharmaceutical Facility: The facility producing OmegaChoice® was built in 2008 has been through multiple Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical audits done by the largest pharmaceutical ,food and nutritional supplement companies in the world and passed with flying colors…..It is truly the most technologically advanced facility in the world…

Smaller-More Potent-Purer-More Unique-Greener-Better

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