OmegaChoice® marine essential fatty acids are the latest advancement in omega-3 fish oil technology exclusively from SourceOne Global Partners.

Omega-3 marine essential fatty acids (EFAs) have extensive health benefits, particularly associated with cardiovascular health and cognitive function. Marine sources of omega-3 EFAs are particularly important, because omega-3 fish oil is comprised of polyunsaturated, essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be obtained from food or supplementation.

EPA (eicosapentainoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the two key essential fatty acids in Omega-3.

The rapidly growing demand for pure and highly concentrated Omega-3 marine EFAs represents an opportunity for SourceOne and the advanced fatty acid expertise of our global partners. Unequaled technology and Omega-3 production expertise will enable SourceOne to deliver innovation and exceptional value in the natural products market place.

We offer the most advanced technologies including Co2 critical extraction, liquid chromatography, molecular distillation, and more.

SourceOne Omega-3 fish oil focuses on “made in the USA” and all our OmegaChoice fish oil meets or exceeds industry standards. Our TG is GRAS and no other company can offer OmegaChoice in the many potencies, DHA/ EPA combinations and purity levels.

According to the renowned Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association, evidence suggests that recommended amounts of the Omega-3 fatty acids slow the buildup of plaque (“hardening of the arteries”), lower triglycerides, and support healthy blood pressure thereby reducing the risk factors of heart disease.

No other source of fish oil can offer Patented OmegaChoice® formulations in the VESIsorb® delivery system. This is a green technology and it insures you get more with less.

A pharmacokinetic study (single oral dose, crossover) in humans comparing OmegaChoice® 90 Concentrated Omega-3 EPA to the same OmegaChoice® 90 concentrated Omega-3 EPA in the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated an increase of 567% in peak blood levels (cmax) of EPA. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve (AUC0-12h) was also increased by 487%.

Emulsification is what the body does naturally to digest oils like Omega-3 fish oil. Studies have shown that absorption and bioavailability of Omega-3 fish oil is improved when emulsified vs. non emulsified.

Comparison between Omega-3 Non-VESIsorb vs. OmegaChoice® VESIsorb
Standard Omega-3 without VESIsorb® OmegaChoice® Omega-3 with VESIsorb®
Oil drops sitting on the water Colloidal droplet formation
Formula does not go into solution 100% in solution
Separation of ingredients Completely homogenous colloidal solution
for optimal absorption!

Think of large drop of oil…emulsification breaks the large drop of oil into 10 smaller drops of oil…this provides more surface area for the acids of the stomach to break down and digest the 10 smaller drops vs. the big drop.

A micro emulsion takes the large drop of oil and breaks it into 100 or 1000 very tiny drops further enhancing absorption and bioavailability. VESIsorb® goes further and creates colloidal droplets. Inside the colloidal droplet is the omega-3 fish oil which is protected from acids in the stomach making it more stable and resistant to oxidation.

Did you know that most Americans do not get enough Omega-3s?

An adequate dietary supply of Omega-3s can play an important role in overall health throughout all stages of life. Consumers have looked to natural foods to derive a wide range of health benefits from omega-3 fatty acids.

EPA and DHA omega-3 found in fish oil is significantly more bioavailable for absorption through cellular membranes than other sources, like flaxseed and borage.

SourceOne’s OmegaChoice® concentrated Omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil provides a highly pure, stable product with less odor and fishy taste, allowing our customers to offer more options and broader applications and, ultimately, greater consumption by consumers.

Research has demonstrated that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for cardiovascular health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and are linked to benefits associated with joint mobility, brain health, fetal development, improved behavior/mood, and anti-aging.

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