Resveratrol is a polyphenol (antioxidant) most commonly found in red grapes, red wine and all forms of tea.

It slows down the aging process, builds up the cardiovascular system, helps fight cancer, and wards off obesity.

These and other benefits were discovered when research showed that the regular consumption of red wine in France seemed to have resulted in much lower than expected incidence of heart disease and obesity. This was significant because the French diet is typically high in saturated fats.

The challenge is the large quantities of red wine you would have to drink to achieve the necessary blood levels. Also, concentrated resveratrol products are poorly soluble and have limited absorption.

SourceOne offers formulations of natural concentrated resveratrol, resVida® (DSM product), Vinetrol™ natural grape vine, and pTeroPure™ pterostilbine ( ChromaDEX product), all in the patented VESIsorb® delivery system.

Figure 1. Dissolution of Resveratrol In 500ml
Simulated Intestinal Fluid, Dose: 100 mg

Figure 1. In a dissolution test, resveratrol with the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated 100% dissolution compared to resveratrol powder at less than 1%.*

Figure 2. Standard Forms of Resveratrol And Pterostilbene
Natural Resveratrol resVIDA® DSM pTeroPure (Pterostilbene) ChromaDEX
Source Polygonum cuspidatum 99% trans-resveratrol Blue berries
Half-life 14 min approximately 14 min approximately 104 min approximately
Solubility in water Low Low Moderate

Enhanced Absorption Patented VESIsorb® Delivery System

  • Developed by Vesifact, a Switzerland-based company dedicated to innovative technology and research.
  • Patented, lipid-based delivery system increases bioavailability of a bioactive phytonutrient that has poor water solubility.
  • Self-assembling colloidal system forms evenly dispersed fluid droplets upon contact with water in the GI tract, each with a mean diameter of less than 100 nanometers with the bioactive at its core.
  • These tiny water-soluble droplets or micelles allow the bioactive to cross the water layer of the GI tract for optimal absorption.
  • Provides extended release of the bioactive over time.

The VESIsorb® Technology Is Broken Down Into Three Steps

Study Results

In a recent 30-day randomized double-blind crossover trial, 150 mg resVida® resveratrol supported cardio-metabolic health. Resveratrol supplementation promoted:

  • AMPK: A protein that acts as a” MASTER SWITCH”, regulating the signals that control energy balance in the body.
  • SIRT1: A protein that promotes “RESISTANCE” to DNA damage and oxidative stress, the two principle defects associated with aging.
  • PGC-1α: A key regulator in energy metabolism showing its effect mainly on muscle tissue.

This indicates support for mitochondrial function, as well as healthy inflammatory balance, blood flow, adipose tissue lipolysis and hepatic lipid content.

Uses for VESIsorb® Resveratrol

Overall Health: Research suggests resveratrol offers support for cellular function, inflammatory balance, cardio-vascular, neurocognitive health, metabolic function and antioxidant defenses. This protection may be due to its roles as an antioxidant and in maintaining healthy gene expression.

  • Resveratrol promotes cardio-vascular health; helping to maintain healthy platelet function and arachidonic acid metabolism.
  • It also helps to maintain healthy cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase enzyme activity.
  • Calorie restriction mimetic with anti-aging/longevity potential.
  • Potential neuro-protective properties.
  • Helps maintain healthy coordination and other loco-motor skills.
  • May reduce muscle loss associated with aging.
  • May help maintain endurance.

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