This is the ULTIMATE Omega-3 essential fatty acid combination.

Superior absorption and bioavailability of BOTH the leading krill oil source with the many advantages of Omega Choice® concentrated EPA/DHA Omega-3.

Omega Choice® utilizes supercritical Co2 extraction technology… the most advanced method for delivering the highest concentration and purity of fish oil.

Using the VESIsorb colloidal droplet technology we have combined these benefits into one convenient capsule with the highest absorption and bioavailability, thereby putting an end to the debate people had for years to choose between fish or krill oil!

Using pure sources of fish and Superba Antarctic krill oil certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, this patented VESIsorb formulation features the highest -quality Omega-3 ingredients from sustainable and traceable sources.

Superba Krill oil EPA and DHA is bound to phospholipids, mostly phosphatidylcholine. This structural difference acts as an effective transport vehicle for these fatty acids, which results in a better absorption… The tradeoff has been that each capsule has a lower amount of the desired omega-3. People had to choose between fish oil and krill oil – higher absorption vs. higher concentration of Omega-3 per capsule.

Utilizing the patented VESIsorb delivery system we have developed the most advanced solution by delivering both a higher concentration of Omega-3 per capsule and “self-emulsifying” both into water soluble colloidal droplets.

Think of large drop of oil… emulsification breaks the large drop of oil into 10 smaller drops of oil…this provides more surface area for the acids of the stomach to break down and digest the 10 smaller drops vs. the big drop.

A micro emulsion takes the large drop of oil and breaks it into 100 or 1000 very tiny drops further enhancing absorption and bioavailability. VESIsorb® goes further and creates colloidal droplets. Inside the colloidal droplet is the omega-3 fish oil and krill oil which is protected from acids in the stomach making it more stable and resistant to oxidation.

Seeing Is Believing:

Comparison between Omega-3 Non-VESIsorb vs. OmegaChoice® VESIsorb
Standard Omega-3 without VESIsorb® OmegaChoice® Omega-3 with VESIsorb®
Oil drops sitting on the water Colloidal droplet formation
Formula does not go into solution 100% in solution
Separation of ingredients Completely homogenous colloidal solution
for optimal absorption!

A pharmacokinetic study (single oral dose, crossover) in humans comparing OmegaChoice® 90 Concentrated Omega-3 EPA to the same OmegaChoice® 90 concentrated Omega-3 EPA in the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated an increase of 567% in peak blood levels (cmax) of EPA. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve (AUC0-12h) was also increased by 487%.

With Superba krill Plus Omega Choice® “LESS IS MORE”

You need less to achieve more. Fewer soft gels in your daily Omega-3 regimen to achieve
better result.

Patented VESIsorb® technology is a “Green source” of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Increased absorption of omega-3 oils means fewer capsules than other standard formulations to achieve the healthy benefits of Omega-3.

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